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Deerskin Neck Pouch Instructions

Deerskin Neck Pouch Instructions

A Leather Neck Pouch is the perfect accessory to hold your personal medicine items. It will also hold change, gemstones, and small keepsakes of all kinds. You can decorate your Leather Neck Pouch with beadwork, our own Plume Powwow Pins  or Trade Brooches !

Materials Needed:

You can acquire these materials separately or purchase a Deerskin Neck Pouch Kit from The Wandering Bull, LLC with the supplies you need to make a Deerskin Neck Pouch!

Beginning your Neck Pouch:

  1. Cut out the paper pattern shown here (Fig 1). Size should be about 3″ x 3.5″ with a rounded bottom.
  2. Using a pencil, trace the pattern on to the back sides of the leather – the side that will be the inside of the pouch. (either side can be the inside).
  3.  Carefully cut out both leather pieces. 
  4. Using a hole puncher, punch four holes in each piece of leather as shown. You may also cut very small 3/8″ slits with scissors instead.
  5. Thread the needle with the imitation sinew and knot the long end.
  6. Place the ‘front’ sides of the leather together. The pouch is sewn inside out.
  7. Sew the pouch starting 1/2″ from the top using an over-cast stitch as shown in Fig. 2.
  8. Continue to sew the pouch around to 1/2″ from the top of the other side.
  9. Carefully turn the pouch right side out and lace the leather lacing through the holes at the top. Knot the ends together.
  10. Decorate with beads, quillwork, pins, acrylic paints or fabric paints. You may prefer to do the beadwork before constructing the pouch. String larger beads on the lacing.
  11. Fill your pouch with sage or other herbs, precious stones and other ‘personal medicines’.

Decorate your Neck Pouch:

Create a Neck Pouch with your own personal expression using products provided by ! You can add beads, quillwork, pins, acrylic paints and or fabric paints.