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Crafting is Fun and Good for You


Native American Crafting is Good for You

Crafting is an activity that brings different ideas to mind, depending on who is considering it. Some remember rainy day activities that involved empty containers and construction paper, others think of projects that involve buying supplies to create a particular item, and some consider it an everyday activity that is part of their lifestyle.

Crafting has had different purposes throughout human history. Creating functional objects from raw materials is certainly an important aspect of crafting. Expressing emotions, beliefs and esthetic ideals is another. Satisfying an inner desire to create by fashioning something beautiful or unexpected is a basic human trait.

What is the appeal of crafting today? Are there benefits for the crafter?Eastern Woodlands Moccasin Crafting Kit

Challenge your Brain

Learning new skills and practicing skills you already have is beneficial to your brain. New connections are made between your muscles and the senses that you use when you engage in your craft.  You enhance your motor skills, your sense of color or style, and your ability to follow directions whenever you practice your craft.

Promote Creativity

When you participate in an activity that requires you to think about items or actions in a different way, your creativity is stimulated.  Whether you are considering how to arrange Feathers or Beads on a mandella or how to attach that Beadwork Strip to your leather shirt, you exercise problem solving skills that tap into your creativity. Keep practicing, and see how far your creativity can take you in coming up with new ideas!


Trying a new craft exposes you to the novelty of something different. Being open minded to a new experience and following it through to the end result can be very satisfying and fun. Whether you are experienced at one kind of crafting, like Loomwork, and decide to try Applique Beading instead, or if you are an accomplished fabric seamstress and you want to try sewing something made of Leather, you can enjoy the change whether you choose to continue practicing that particular craft or not.

Wampum Bead Bracelet Crafting KitStress Reduction

Admittedly, if you are a perfectionist who is focused on your project being done exactly right, then your craft can be a cause of stress. But when you find a craft project that allows your mind to be completely absorbed and helps you stop thinking about issues that may cause you anxiety or frustration, crafting is an excellent way to reduce stress.  Reducing stress regularly benefits your heart and your central nervous system.  Find a place where you won’t be disturbed, whether in peaceful quiet or with some relaxing music, and start crafting! When the time flies by without you being aware of it, you know you have achieved a state where your stressful thoughts have been replaced.

Try a New Craft!

Drum Crafting KitIn a world where so much of what we acquire is ready made, and we give no thought to how it was created or where it came from, the chance to create something ourselves is more important than ever. You will expand your perspective, learn about your own abilities and challenge your intellect when you pick up a craft project.

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