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Hand Painted Feathers

Hand Painted Eagle Feathers

Turkey Feathers Painted to Look like Eagle Feathers

Traditionally Native Americans have used feathers from a variety of birds.  They use them to decorate their clothing, jewelry, accessories and as tools, like Smudge Feathers.  When people think about Natives using feathers, they often imagine the Feather Headdresses that men from Plains tribes wear.  These Headdresses consist of rows of Eagle Feathers.

The United States government created the  Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act of 1940 (expanded to include Golden Eagles in 1962) to ensure that these birds would thrive in the United States.   Permits may be issued to federally recognized Native American tribes for the possession of birds and their parts (feet, feathers, etc.) for religious purposes. Thus, for most people,  it is unlawful to possess any Bald Eagle parts obtained after 1940 and Golden Eagle parts obtained after 1962.

Use Hand Painted Feathers for your projects

Smudge Feather with Hand Painted Feather


You can still get the look of a beautiful Eagle feathers for your projects.  The Wandering Bull, LLC offers a selection of Hand-Painted  feathers.  Crafters create these feathers from White Domestic Turkey Feathers.  Each feather is trimmed and carefully painted to resemble the tail feathers of Golden Eagles.  We have Mature, Semi-Mature and Immature Golden Eagle style hand painted Feathers available.

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Hand Painted Eagle Feather FanYou can purchase these feathers singly, or in fan sets.  Use them to make Headdresses, Fans, and Scalp Feathers.  Add them to Dance Sticks, Porcupine Roaches, or other accessories.

We also offer Hand Painted Golden Eagle Fluffs that you can add to hair ornaments, Headdresses and Bustles.  We sell Hand Painted Golden Eagle Spike Feathers in pairs. Spikes are used in making bustles and wing style fans.  For groups or projects that require larger quantities of feathers, try our dipped Imitation Eagle Feathers.


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