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Make Your Own Dance Shawl

dance shawl

Most women wear Dance Shawls into the Powwow Circle. Dance Shawls can be simple fabric blanks with chainette or ribbon fringe.  Some women create elaborately decorated shawls for Fancy Dancing.  They embellish their shawls with ribbonwork, embroidery or beadwork. Make your own simple shawl and add the embellishments you want!



Figure 1


1. Measure and mark the spacing for the fringe along the edge of the shawl. (Fig 1) We suggest using white chalk to mark where you will tie the fringe bundles. Space the fringe bundles 1/2” apart (this can be approximated with your thumb or finger). If you choose to place the bundles closer together, you may need additional fringe to complete your shawl.




Figure 2

2. Cut a piece of heavy cardboard 14” x 6”. 4.


3. Wrap the fringe around the long side of the cardboard. Do not pull the fringe tightly to avoid stretching it.


Cut the wrapped fringe at one end so you have a bundle of 28” long fringe (14” when folded in half). You may tie one end into a bundle before cutting the other end to keep the strands together. Be careful not to tangle or twist the fringe. Wrap and cut only as much fringe as you will use in one sitting to avoid tangling.



Figure 3 Figure 3a


4. Use a Tapestry Needle or Crochet Hook to poke through the fabric at each marked place and draw up 2 strands of fringe (you may use an awl to start the holes).





Figure 4


5. Pull one end of the strands completely through the holes so the fringe hangs evenly.





Figure 5


6. Tie the fringe in a knot and pull it snugly against the edge of the fabric. You may trim the fringe so it will hang evenly as you work, or

when you have finished attaching all of it.




Figure 6

Figure 6a


7. Repeat Steps 3 – 6 until you have finished.