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Wandering Bull Native American Craft Store

Wandering Bull Native American Craft Store

History of The Wandering Bull, A Native American Craft StoreWandering Bull Trading Post

The Wandering Bull was started by Paul and Harriett Bullock with a card table at powwows around 1969. With six children, four sets of dance bustles in a VW bus, and a love for our culture, we never stopped growing. As the family became more involved in powwows, the kids encouraged us to develop a small part time business.  These sales enabled us to attend powwows and pay for gasoline, food etc.  Although everything was informal, these were the beginnings of The Wandering Bull.

Founders of Wanderingbull
Paul & Harriett Bullock

Opening of our store front

In 1982 Andy (the oldest son) graduated from the Native Studies and Anthropology program at Trent University (Peterborough, ON). He took over running the Native American craft business full time.  We rented a small store front in our home town of Attleboro, MA.   As the business continued to grow we expanded the shop to three store fronts and a warehouse.  We had a brick and mortar business in this location for over 20 years.  Some of our customers traveled long distances to come and shop with us.  We built and continue to have some wonderful relationships with these customers.

We were one of the very first online Native American craft stores during the early 1990s.  This business took off and mail order became our main source of interacting with customers.

Our Present Location
Washington, NH

When our founders Paul and Harriett retired,  Chris (the second son) and his wife Carolyn (who worked in the Attleboro store for over 15 years)  took over the operation of The Wandering Bull. Today, the business is located on the back side of Lovewell Mountain in Washington, NH.  Though our Native American Craft store is a mail order warehouse, customers are welcome to make an appointment to come and shop.

The Wandering Bull, LLC offers top quality Native American Crafts and supplies across the country and the world.   Come visit our constantly updated website for new and one-of-a-kind products which are arriving daily.