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Peyote Stitch Key Ring Instructions

Peyote Stitch Key Ring

Make your own Peyote Stitch Key Ring

The Wandering Bull Native American Trading Shop instructions will show you how to make a Peyote Stitch Key Ring.  You can also use these instructions to decorate fan handles, pens, awl cases, dance sticks and more with Peyote Stitch!

You will need:

  • Leather
  • Seed beads
  • Beading needles
  • NYMO Beading Thread
  • Beeswax
  • Key ring components (dowel, leather, glue, bull clip, screw eye & key ring)

Or you can start with our Peyote Stitch Beadwork Kit  our kit includes everything you need.

Peyote Stitch Key Ring

Getting Started

peyote stitch how to
Photo 1
peyote stitch how to start beads
Photo 2

1. Apply glue to the Leather and wrap it around the Dowel and clamp in place ( see photo one).

2. When it is dry, trim off the excess leather (See photo 2)


3. Prepare your thread by running it along the  beeswax. This strengthens the thread

peyote stitch starting your beads
Photo 3

and keeps it from tangling. It is important to NOT double the thread, because you will be going through the beads more than once (see photo 3).

4. Knot the thread and attach it to the leather on the dowel.

peyote stitch first row
Photo 4

5. String an odd number of beads on the thread to completely go around the dowel.

6. Pass needle through the 1st bead that you put on to complete your first circle of beads (see photo 4).

peyote stitch adding beads next step
Photo 5

7. Continue your design with a different bead color. Thread one bead on the needle and slide it to the end of thread.
8. Skip the second bead of the original row and put needle through the third bead of the original row (see photo 5).
9. Pull thread tight, snugging the new bead into place. Notice how the new bead forces the skipped second bead up a bit.

10. Continue the beading process, stringing one bead at a time and passing the needle into every other bead of the previous row (see photo 6).

peyote stitch adding more beads
Photo 6

11. Follow the pattern shown (see finish key ring below)  or create your own.

peyote stitch following your pattern
Photo 7

If you want your design to be centered on your dowel, reverse your pattern at the half way mark (see photo 7).




Other tips

12. Add new thread when you have 5” remaining. Tie the “new” thread to the “original” thread 1/2” from the beadwork. Cut the remaining original thread. Wrap the knotted thread around the dowel in the same direction as you are beading. Pass needle through bead that the original thread came OUT from. The beadwork will cover the knot and secure the thread.
The pattern presented here is only a guide. Create your own design or use another pattern. Peyote stitch can be used to decorate fan handles, pens, awl cases, dance sticks and more!

Finishing the Key Ring

peyote stitch key ring finished project
Finished Peyote Stitch Key Ring

13. When you reach the end of the dowel, secure the excess thread by weaving it back into the beadwork (rather than tying a knot). Continue sewing in the same direction through at least 10 beads without adding any additional beads. This binds the thread, preventing it from loosening up. Cut off remaining thread.
14. To attach screw eye, firmly twist it into the center of one end of the dowel. Attach the key ring to the loop on the screw eye.


Instructions and photos by Andy Bullock.

The Wandering Bull Native American Trading Shop has several different craft kits to choose from.   Some are listed below or see to see our entire kit selection click here .

Watch Chris demonstrate how to do Peyote Stitch!