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Bead Weaving with a Bead Loom

Bead Loom

Bead Weaving with a Bead Loom

Use our Ojibwa Bead Loom or our Mighty Mini Bead Loom to create strips of beadwork. After you finish your beaded strip you can use them as straps, belts, and bracelets. You can also attach beaded loom strips to other items like shirts, leggins, moccasins, and bags. Bead weaving on a loom is easy to learn to do and can be done with a variety of beads including Seed Beads, Pony Beads, and Wampum Beads.


Determine how many rows of beads you will need for your design. You can chart out your design on Bead Graph Paper. String your loom with the required number of strands (the number of rows in your design plus one) with warp thread. Fasten one end of the thread to the loom (use a slipknot so you can untie it). Wrap it across the top of the loom to the corresponding notch on the other end, down under and around the loom, and up and through the next notch. Continue until you have the desired number of warp threads strung over the top. Keep the warp thread tight and maintain uniform tension while you are working. When you have strung the required number of strands, untie the end of the warp thread from the loom. Bring the other end of the warp thread across the bottom of the loom and tie the two ends together in a square knot. Keep the thread as tight as possible on the loom.

Continuing the Design:

Thread your needle with about 2 feet of thread and tie the end to the outer warp thread. Use your needle to pick up the beads for each row. Bring the thread with the beads under the warp thread and push them up between the threads, positioning one bead in each space. Next, pass the needle back through the beads on top of the warp threads in the opposite direction. This time your needle and thread should pass ABOVE the warp thread. Pull the thread snug so your beads are drawn close together. When you are out of thread, tie a new strand to the same outer warp thread. Thread your needle again and continue your project.

Repeat these steps until your design is completed. When you have finished, and before it is taken from the loom, secure the thread ends by applying a strip of adhesive tape over the warp threads.

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Examples of what you can make with a Bead Loom:


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