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Crow Loop Necklace Instructions

Crow Loop

Crow Loop Necklace Instructions

The Native Americans of the Northern Plains often wear Crow Loop Necklaces.  These necklaces feature multiple strands of beads strung between two leather strips. Crafters also add Deerskin Leather fringe to the sides. Wearers add shell, metal or beaded rosette conchos to the top or the center. Additional drops can personalize each necklace.

Materials Needed:

You can acquire these materials separately or purchase a Crow Loop Necklace Kit from The Wandering Bull, LLC with the supplies you need to make a Crow Loop Necklace!

Beginning Your Necklace:

  1. Tie a knot in one end of the imitation sinew. Make sure it is large enough that it will not pass through the hole in the leather spacer.
  2.  Thread the imitation sinew through the second hole in the leather spacer. Save the first hole for the neck lacing.(See Figure #2)
  3.  Thread 40 of the contrast color tile beads on the imitation sinew. Then thread the imitation sinew through the second hole of the other leather spacer.
  4.  Thread the imitation sinew through the next hole down and begin the second strand of the necklace. String the beads in the following sequence: 1 contrast color tile bead, 9 main color tile beads, 1 plastic or bone tube bead, 6 main color tile beads, 3 brass beads, 1 contrast color tile bead. Thread the imitation sinew through the corresponding hole on the other leather spacer. (Refer to image of complete Crow Loop Necklace at the top of this page)

Complete Your Necklace:

5. Complete the remaining 9 rows the same way, but add 1 more main color tile bead on each side of the plastic or bone tube bead for each row.

6. When you have finished stringing the beads, thread the imitation sinew through the last hole in the leather spacer and tie it securely with a knot.

7. Cut the 8″x 4″ leather into strips 8″ long x 0.25″ wide to make fringe. You may cut the fringe thinner if you prefer. Use very sharp scissors or a razor knife to cut the fringe. (See Figure #2)

8. Tie one piece of fringe to the loop of imitation sinew (See Figure #2) on the sides of the leather spacers. Allow both ends of the fringe to hang down equal lengths.

9. Cut the deerskin lacing in half for the neck ties. (See Figure #1) Cut a slit in one end of each piece. Thread the lacing through the top hole in the leather spacer. Then thread the uncut end through the slit end. Repeat on the other side with the second piece of deerskin lacing. Tie the ends together so the necklace hangs at the desired level.

Decorate Your Crow Necklace:

Create a Crow Necklace with your own personal expression using products provided by! You can add shell, metal or beaded rosette conchos to the top or the center to customize your garb.