Deerskin Lace – 5 feet x 1/8 inch


Deerskin Lace – 6 feet x 1/8 inch

We cut our own soft, supple Deerskin Leather into lacing. You will find our hand cut lacing great for stringing and tying necklaces, chokers or bracelets. Customers use it to wrap Dreamcatchers, to decorate Talking Sticks and Walking Sticks and so much more!

You can purchase 5 foot lengths of our Deerskin Leather Lacing in 1/4″ wide or 1/8″ wide strips.

We sell these by the piece. They are hand cut, so please allow for some variation in the widths.  Large orders may require several days to ship

Select from seven colors:

Shop for 1/4″ Deerskin Leather Lacing.

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