Wanted Items

Wandering Bull Links of InterestWe are always looking for new and unusual products to include on our website. We buy personal collections of Native American craftwork and clothing. And we are interested in sources for Sweetgrass, Braintanned Deerskin, Turkey Feathers, Deerskin Leather, and handcrafted items. If you know someone who can provide any of the following items or other products that would complement our line please send us an email with photos, descriptions, cost and availability of the items.

Currently we are looking for:

  • Antiques: beadwork, rugs, pottery, baskets, personal collections, etc
  • Large inventories from store closings, vendors, overstocks, etc.
  • Clay pipes – Eastern Woodlands
  • Sweetgrass braids
  • Brain-tanned deer hides

Contact Us Today If you have anything available on the above list.