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How to Choose the Right Thread

Types of thread

Choosing the best thread for your next project

What is the difference between types of thread? How do you choose the right thread for your craft project? The color of thread you use can change the look of your beadwork. If you are using a lot of translucent beads you may want a white thread. If you want a dark background on your loom work, use black. In this article we will go over the threads we offer and their uses.

Nylon NYMO Thread
Nymo thread in black and white

NYMO thread is a nylon thread that is durable and easy to use.  We recommend NYMO thread for beadwork because it is more durable than cotton thread.  You may find it helpful to use Beeswax to wax the thread before you use it to prevent tangling.

We offer NYMO Thread in 4 weights.  OO and O are the finest weight threads, while D is heavier and F is the heaviest.

  • Use OO or O for delicate jewelry making with small beads (12/0 or 13/0).
  • For general beadwork, B is used with 12/0 or 13/0 beads,
  • Use D or F for 11/0 or 10/0 beads.

Nymo comes in different sizes. Bobbins are the smallest averaging 43 to 143 years depending on the weight of the thread. Large Spools are 300-400 yards and Cones are 1500 to 2800 yards.

Loom Warp Thread
Black and White loom warp thread

Loom Warp Thread is a heavy-duty cotton thread.  This thread is perfect for stringing up your bead loom. You can also use it to tie Porcupine Roaches.  It is the best choice for projects where a natural cotton thread is required. Spools come with 50 yards of thread.


Wampum Warp Lace
Wampum Warp Lace

Deerskin Leather Lacing makes perfect warp lace for loom weaving. You will find it ideal for making wampum bracelets and belts. You can achieve a very traditional look with this hand cut leather lacing. Our warp lace measures approx. 1/8″ wide. You can purchase it in 10 yard and 25 yard pieces. The colors will vary.  Want to try cutting your own Deerskin Leather Lacing?  Shop for Deerskin Leather and our Leather Lace Maker Tool!

Imitation Sinew

Imitation Sinew is a nylon cord that looks and splits almost like real Sinew. We recommend this product for heavy sewing and construction of craft projects. It is popular for making dream catchers (as the webbing). Our imitation sinew comes in a natural color as well as dyed colors such as red, yellow, green white and black.

This sinew some in single ply and multi-ply. Single ply is a single strand while the multi ply can be split into four individual strands. For extra strength you can keep the plies together.


Real Sinew
Real Sinew

Sinew is the band of tissue known as the tendon of mammals. The fiber is strong and durable and can be used for sewing, twine and cordage. Real sinew is a must for restoration projects. You will find this great for quality craft projects when nylon will just not work. It is a natural product and must be softened and split before it can be used.

Deer and Antelope sinew is ideal for fine beadwork and sewing. It comes is strips 12” to 14” long.

Buffalo and Elk sinew average 21” to 30” long.

Hemp Cord
Hemp cord

100% hemp cord is strong, durable, and versatile. It can be used in crafting, jewelry making, tying, lacing, and twining. Our hemp cord measures 1mm in diameter. Historically accurate for Living History re-enactors, too!

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