Leather Lace Maker Tool


Leather Lace Maker Tool

Our Leather Lace Maker Tool allows you to make your own continuous Deerskin Lace from Top Grain Leather.  Use it to create Leather Lacing that is 1/4″ wide or 1/8″ wide.

You will find this tool a convenient and useful way to use up your scrap leather pieces! You can use our Lace Maker with both Top Grain Deerskin and Cowhide. To successfully use our Lacemaker, you will need a full bodied leather. Deerskin splits, which are sueded on both sides, are too thin to use with the Leather Lace Maker.

The Lace Maker comes with printed instructions and one razor blade.  You can also purchase Replacement Blades.

Read more about how to use our Lace Maker Tool!

Watch our YouTube Video How to Use a Lace Maker!

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