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Here you will find a wealth of information on Native American culture, traditions, history, and crafts. This collection includes articles and videos that discuss various topics.  You will find videos and articles on crafts, clothing, and accessories, which will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to create your own hand-made items. Whether you are interested in beadwork, leatherwork, quillwork or adding those finishing touches to make your project perfect, we have how-to videos for both beginners and experienced crafters.  We also post videos about one of a kind items like trade beads, handmade collectible accessories, dolls, baskets and more.

Browse our collection of articles and videos and learn more about Native American culture and craftwork. With our resources, you can gain a greater appreciation for the contributions of Native American peoples to our world.  We add new content to this section frequently so check back often!

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Here First photo Native Americans of Maine - Native Americans of Maine How did the indigenous tribes of the northeast coast of the United States interact with the earliest explorers and later ‘Americans’ who came to their lands? […]
Ellison "Tarzan" Brown Ellison “Tarzan” Brown - Indian Marathon Runner By Grace M. Dowdell (Narragansett) Permission to reprint was granted to Tomaquag Museum by author on August 29, 2008 and they have given The Wandering Bull, LLC […]
Gourd Dance Rattles The Gourd Dance - The Legend and the History  –  The Dance and the Regalia This article about the Native American Gourd Dance was written by Paul R. Burke in 1989.  We are presenting […]
Trade Beads Beads Used by Native American Crafters - Native American culture has a rich history of using beads for both ceremonial and decorative purposes. Seed beads, in particular, have been an integral part of Native American culture for […]

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Types of thread How to Choose the Right Thread - Choosing the best thread for your next project What is the difference between types of thread? How do you choose the right thread for your craft project? The color of […]
Herb - Flat Cedar Flat Cedar - What Kind of Cedar is for Smudging? The White Cedar tree provides the flat cedar used for smudging, or burning. The leaves are evergreen in color and considered to be […]
Abalone Shells Natural Beauty - What is Abalone? Abalone are large sea mollusks (snails) that inhabit colder waters all over the world.  Abalone eat seaweed such as kelp. The different varieties it eats creates the […]
Hand Painted Eagle Feathers Hand Painted Feathers - Turkey Feathers Painted to Look like Eagle Feathers Traditionally Native Americans have used feathers from a variety of birds.  They use them to decorate their clothing, jewelry, accessories and as […]

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Hoop Dancer at Memorial Day Powwow. Making Hoops For The Hoop Dance - Learn to make inexpensive hoops that stand out This article was originally published in Spring of 1988 in Whispering Wind Magazine by Art Tate. The hoop dance is one of […]
Make Your Own Hand Drum -   Make Your Own Hand Drum A Hand Drum is a traditional Native American instrument. You will see them played at Powwows, ceremonies and drum circles. Make your own Single […]
dance shawl Make Your Own Dance Shawl - Most women wear Dance Shawls into the Powwow Circle. Dance Shawls can be simple fabric blanks with chainette or ribbon fringe.  Some women create elaborately decorated shawls for Fancy Dancing. […]
Eastern Woodlands Moccasins Make Your Own Eastern Woodlands Moccasins - Make a basic pair of pucker-toe softsole moccasin with cuffs. Cuffs can be worn down or tied up for extra protection. Everyday moccasins were left plain, but they can be […]

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