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Guides to Healing Plants

Guides to Healing Plants

Guides to Healing Plants

Many people enjoy learning about how to use wild plants for food, medicine and material for crafting. At The Wandering Bull, LLC you will find several guidebooks that describe plants and herbs that people use for these purposes.

A Handbook of Native American Herbs

Handbook of Native American HerbsThis classic guidebook is the compact, portable version of Alma R Hutchens’ Indian Herbalogy of North America. It provides information on 125 medicinal plants that are commonly found in North America. She organizes them alphabetically and includes plants that are not native to this continent but are common (ie. Dandelions, Aloe). For each plant, she provides other names, where it grows, which parts are useful and what conditions it can treat. She includes methods for preparing tinctures, teas and compresses. When possible she includes descriptions of how a plant has been used historically and other uses besides medicines. Many of the entries include a black and white drawing of the plant, but not all of them.

Guide to Indigenous HerbsGuide to Indigenous Herbs of North America

Raymond Stark’s updated guide features full color photographs of each of the 52 plants in this slim volume. He prominently marks plants that are poisonous. For each entry, he notes how the plant has been used by various Native American groups. He also notes if the plant has been used by European colonists and/or included in United States Pharmacopoeia. Stark includes a brief glossary of selected terms often found in descriptions of medicinal herbs. He does not provide instructions for making your own preparations.

Medicinal Herbs of Eastern Canada: A Pictorial Manual

Medicinal Herbs of Eastern CanadaThe most recently published guidebook covers 73 plants. Don’t let the ‘Eastern Canada’ part of the title mislead you! The author, Brenda Jones, describes plants found on Prince Edward Island, but all of these plants grow in other places throughout North America. Jones’ book is written as a practical guide to using plants medicinally. It includes a chapter on how to make your own infusions, tinctures, ointments, liniments and syrups. Each entry features a full color painting of the plant along with other common names and the parts of the plant to use. She describes the history and physical features of each one. This is followed by a list of conditions that have been treated with the plant and how to prepare it. She clearly states any contraindications and potential toxicity. This book will be a great help to anyone who wants to make their own natural remedies.

Sacred Sage: How It Heals

Sacred Sage and How it heals - book

Our most popular ‘plant’ book focuses on only one type of plant, Sage. Wendy ‘Silver Wolf Walks Alone’ Whiteman compiled this book to help people learn about how to use sage for a variety of purposes. She begins with describing ‘smudging’, where sage is ignited and allowed to smolder. She then describes how to gather, prepare and store sage. The next chapter reviews different types of sage and how they are used medicinally. Whiteman ends her book with her own experience of discovering the healing properties of sage, which will be inspirational to readers seeking their own path to healing.

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