Imitation Sinew


Imitation Sinew 

Imitation Sinew or Artificial Sinew is a nylon cord  that looks and splits almost like real Sinew. The fibers are waxy and uniform in width and color.  They are available in Single Ply and Multi Ply.  The Multi Ply can be used as is for a heavy duty thread, or it can be split into thinner pieces.  We recommend this product for heavy sewing and construction of craft projects. It is popular for making dream catchers (as the webbing).

Single Ply Imitation Sinew comes in Natural color only. It is a single strand. You get approximately 166 yards per ounce. Choose 1 oz or 4 oz spools.

Multi – Ply Sinew can be split into up to 4 individual strands. For extra strength, keep the plies together.

You can purchase Multi Ply Sinew in Natural, Black and White in 1 oz, 4 oz and 8 oz spools. Red, Yellow and Green Multi ply only comes in 8 oz spools. You will get approximately 40 yards of Sinew per ounce.

Prefer the real thing? Try our Natural Deer Sinew and Buffalo Sinew!

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