Hand painted Golden Eagle Fluffs


Fluffs – Hand painted Golden Eagle

Hand Painted Golden Eagle Fluffs are beautiful imitations of the real thing!  Use them for Women’s Hair Ornaments, Roach Pins, Headdresses and Bustles.   Our painter lightly paints soft feathers to resemble Golden Eagle Fluffs.   We sell these Fluffs by the dozen.  Each feather measures approximately 6″ long.

Traditionally Native Americans have used feathers from a variety of birds.  They use them to decorate their clothing, jewelry, accessories and as tools, like Smudge Feathers.  While it is fine to own and use Turkey Feathers, it is unlawful to possess real Eagle, Hawk and Owl feathers.  You can still get the look of a beautiful Eagle feathers for your projects with our hand-painted look-alikes.

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