Glovers Needles


Glovers Needles

Glovers Needles are ideal for sewing leather because they have a tri-cornered point, rather than a blunt, round point. You will find them very useful for moccasin construction and any heavy sewing.

These Needles come in several sizes. Size 1 is the largest. For light leather work (like medicine pouches) we suggest using a Size 8. You can use a Size 10 to sew 10/0 beads to leather.

We sell these Needles in packages of 5 or 25.

Available in 5 Sizes.  Size 1 is the largest, size 10 is the smallest.

  • Size 1     (2″ long)
  • Size 3    (1.75″ long)
  • Size 5    (1 5/8″ long)
  • Size 8     (1 3/8″ long)
  • Size 10  (1.25″ long)

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