Deerskin Neckpouch Kit


Deerskin Leather Neckpouch Kit

Use our Deerskin Neckpouch Kit to make your own Deerskin Leather Neckpouch (or necklace bag). A Leather Neck Pouch is the perfect accessory to hold your personal medicine items. It will also hold change, gemstones, and small keepsakes of all kinds!  This pouch measures about 2 inches long.

The Leather Neck Pouch Kit comes with

  • Top Grain Deerskin Leather
  • Imitation Sinew
  • Deerskin Leather Lacing
  • Glover’s Needle for sewing leather
  • Illustrated instructions

Once you lace the Deerskin Lacing through the top of the pouch, you can adjust the length to fit the wearer. Decorate your Leather Neck Pouch with beadwork, our own Plume Powwow Pins, Trade Brooches, or paint!

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Have your own materials?  Read our free Deerskin Neck Pouch Instructions

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