Breastplate Kit – Plains Style


Native American Plains Style Breastplate Kit

Our Plains Breastplate Kit will help you make a great addition to your Dance Regalia.  Wear your completed Plains Breastplate bare chested, over a shirt or with a vest.

The Plains Breastplate Kit includes 4″ Hairpipe, our own 36 Hole Leather Breastplate strips, 2 colors of Glass Crow Beads, Imitation Sinew and Deerskin Leather Lacing.  The finished length of the Breastplate will be approximately 19″ long.

Choose Plastic Hairpipe (which makes it much lighter to wear) or Bone Hairpipe.  You can dye the Bone Hairpipe in tea or coffee to give a aged look.

The Comanche Indians are considered the originators of the Hairpipe Breastplate. They first created Breastplates in the mid 19th century. Other tribes of the Great Plains adopted this accessory as well.  The term “Hairpipe” describes the long, slim, hollow beads made from animal bone that we use to make Breastplates.

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