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White Sage Smudging How To

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White Sage for Smudging Rituals

White sage for Smudging can be rolled into a smudge stick or left loose in a small pile for purification and cleansing rituals. Smudging rituals are done in several ways. You may see dancers being smudged before they enter the dance circle at a Powwow. White sage is also used in purification rituals on individuals who require healing for physical or psychological illness. Rooms in a new house, or a meditation space can be smudged to cleanse them of negative energy.  Ritual items like crystals can also be smudged to clear them of negative energy.

White sage is an evergreen perennial that grows in the Southwestern part of the United States and northern Mexico. The oil and resins in the leaves release pleasant fragrance when they are crushed, rubbed or burned.  Native Americans in the western U.S. have used this fragrant, commonly found plant as a source of food, to brew tea, and as an herb used in purification ceremonies. It has also been referred to as mugwort, wormwood, or sagewort. White sage has a broad flat leaf, where gray sage has thin leaves that are usually still attached to their stem.

A Quick White Sage Smudging How To:

White Sage Smudging FeatherYou can burn white sage for smudging as a smudge stick or loose leaves. Light a smudge stick and fan it gently with a Smudge Feather to spread the healing smoke.  A Smudge Feather is often dedicated to this purpose and decorated with leather and beads. Turkey Feathers are often used as Smudge Feathers. Hand painted Eagle Feathers are also an option.

Loose white sage can be burned in a smudge bowl or a large shell. Abalone shells, Scallop shells or a Ceramic Smudge Bowl hold the burning white sage while a Smudge Feather is used to fan the smoke around a person, object or space that is being healed or cleansed of negative energy.

Recently sprays made with essential oils known as Liquid Smudge are being used as an alternative to burning sage in places where smoke is not appropriate or convenient.

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