Smudge Feather – Three Styles!


Feathers for Smudging in three styles

A Smudge Feather is perfect item for sending prayers to the Great Spirit.  Use one when you are burning White Sage or other herbals.  When the smoke starts to rise, wave a feather to gently send it out or towards whatever you are cleansing. Our exclusive Smudge Feathers come in three styles!

We make our Original Feather with a Natural Turkey Wing Feather. Then we wrap it with fringed deerskin and add glass bead embellishments.

Our Beaded Cuff style comes with a 2″ beaded cuff and a fluff feather.

Our Exclusive Deluxe Smudge Feather features a Hand painted Eagle Feather decorated with a beaded cuff, a painted leather medicine wheel, and fluffs.

The sizes vary slightly from 12 inches -14 inches.  Since feathers are unique, they will vary in appearance.  Don’t miss our White Sage, Abalone Shells,  and Smudge Sticks.

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