White Sage


White Sage

Our White broadleaf Sage is the freshest available! Sage is an evergreen perennial that grows in the Southwestern part of the United States and northern Mexico. The oil and resins in the leaves release a pleasant fragrance when they are crushed, rubbed or burned. It is also referred to as mugwort, wormwood, or sagewort. This type of sage has a broad flat leaf.

We offer this Sage loose in bags. Use it in sachets or burn some for smudging.

Choose 4 oz or 1 pound bags.

We also offer a selection of Smudge Sticks made from White Sage, Gray Sage and Cedar. And don’t miss our fragrant Sweetgrass Braids and Sweetgrass Lavender Wands!

Click here to read about Smudging Rituals and Supplies!

We cannot ship plant materials to Australia
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