Plume Botanicals Handmade Soaps


Plume Botanicals Handmade Soaps

A local soap maker creates our Plume Botanicals Soaps exclusively for our customers. Goats’ milk (from happy goats!), all natural ingredients and essential oils make them a delight to use! Premium quality 4.5 ounce bars.

  • NEW ENGLAND PINE – Sweet White Pine and Sage
  • MORNING BREEZE  An invigorating combination of Lemon, Cedar and Lavender to start your day!
  • CANADIAN SWEETGRASS A fresh light fragrance made with natural sweetgrass.
  • LAVENDAR Classic soothing lavendar makes a relaxing bath soap.
  • MORNING OF THE EARTH This is the strongest fragrance in our line. It includes cedarwood, patchouli, cinnamon leaf, lemongrass, and sweet orange combined with wheat germ flakes. A hearty smelling bath soap.
  • PEPPERMINT Crisp and delicious peppermint is a welcome wake up fragrance.
  • SWEETGRASS,SAGE AND CEDAR A fresh woodsy blend that is well balanced and light.
  • SPLENDID SAGE Subtle scented soap made with Sage and Lavender.
  • PATCHOULI SAGE Musky sweet fragrance that is sure to become a favorite!
  • CITRUS BALM Fresh and spicy blend of citrus and lemon balm.
  • CEDAR GROVE Outdoor Fresh made with our Flat Cedar!

Try some today!  Buy 3 or more for only $5.50 each!

We recommend our Wooden Soap Dish. It allows your soap to dry between uses!

We cannot ship plant materials to Australia
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