Eastern Spirit Smudge Set


Boxed Smudge Set with Incense

Our Eastern Spirit Smudge Set has everything you need to smudge! This exclusive set includes a package of 10  Incense (10 bricks ), one large sage smudge stick, and 1 ounce of loose cleansing White Sage.  Complete your smudging needs with an Atlantic Scallop shell, a wooden stand, and a Barred Turkey Wing Feather.

Burn the incense or sage in the Scallop Shell. Use the wooden stand to raise the Scallop Shell off the ground or table.  The Barred Wing Turkey Feather fans the smoldering incense and spreads its cleansing qualities. Store everything in the handy cotton storage bag.

Our fabulous set comes boxed and ready for gifting.

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We cannot ship plant materials to Australia
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