Tomahawk Catlinite


Catlinite Deer Foot Tomahawk

Add this unique Tomahawk Catlinite to your collection.  The crafter made the carved head with natural catlinite (pipestone).  He carved the stone to resemble a Deer foot on one side with a blunt, rounded end on the other.  The crafter  wrapped the stained wood handle with smoke colored and cream colored Deerskin Leather Lacing.  Smoke colored Deerskin Leather Lacing holds the tomahawk head to the handle.  The crafter wrapped a piece of cream colored Deerskin Leather  with four strands of Orange and Royal Blue Seed Beads around the center of the handle. The bottom of the handle is beveled on two sides and has a hole at the end.  The crafter tied another piece of Deerskin Leather to the hole in the handle.  One of a Kind!

This Tomahawk Catlinite measures about 14 inches long.  The head measures 4.5 inches long and about 4.25 inches in circumference.  The handle is 12.5 inches long.    We got this item from a collection.  You will see some slight scratches on it.  It is in very good condition.  We are selling it as a collectible.  It will make a beautiful display item for your home.  One of a Kind!

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