Tomahawk Wire Wrapped


Tomahawk wrapped with Copper Wire and Beaded Tab

Add this rustic looking Tomahawk Wire Wrapped to your collection.  The crafter wrapped the top of the handle with copper wire.  Then he added several 0.5 inch Brass Tacks.  He created a beaded tab on cream colored Deerskin.  He used lazy stitch to make beaded stripes in Royal Blue, White and Dark Red.  At the bottom, he used more copper wire to attach the beaded tab.  The tomahawk blade has been antiqued, adding to the rustic look.

We got this Tomahawk Wire Wrapped from a collection.  It measures 33 inches long overall.  The handle measures 24 inches long.  The blade measures 7 inches long.  The beaded tab measures 8.5 inches long.  The blade is not securely attached to the end, so we do not recommend using it to chop or throw.  We are selling it as a collectible.  One of a Kind!

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