Pipe Tomahawk Soapstone


Handmade Soapstone Pipe Tomahawk

This Pipe Tomahawk Soapstone comes from an artist in Maine. He based this pipe on historical examples of Pipe Tomahawks that were traded by European colonists with Native Americans. The crafter created the large blade & pipe bowl section from soapstone.  He etched designs on the pipe bowl and the top of the tomahawk blade.  Then he carved out a heart shape in the middle of the blade.  He added a wood stem with two bone end pieces.  One bone piece serves as a mouth piece.  You can remove the bone plug at the other end to clean out the stem and pipe bowl.

The artist added a hole to the bottom of the pipe stem. That holds a Braintanned Deerskin leather lacing lanyard you can use to carry or hang the pipe.  He left the large wood stem plain, with no stain or carvings.  The Pipe Bowl itself measures 2 inches high and 1.25 inches across.  The blade part measures 4.75 inches long x 3.5 inches across the widest point.  The entire soapstone section measures 8.75 inches long. The Stem measures 17.5 long not including the bone pieces.

This Pipe Tomahawk Soapstone is a functional pipe.  It is heavy and fragile, so we recommend keeping it for display.  One of a Kind!

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