Bison Horn Spoon


Bison Horn Spoon with Bird Head Handle

This Vintage Bison Horn Spoon features a bird head design at the end of the handle.  The crafter used horn from a bison to create it.  After softening it and carving the bird head shape, he skillfully bent the handle back on itself to create a hanging loop.

Making Horn Spoons

Several Native American tribes carve spoons from Bison, Sheep or Elk horn. They remove the outer part of the horn and carve it. Then they soften it in hot water to further modify the shape. Sometimes they decorate them with carvings.  Various cultures throughout history use carved horn spoons for a variety of purposes, such as eating, stirring, and serving food. The material is durable and can withstand the rigors of everyday use. The carving and shaping of the horn can result in intricate and artistic designs, making these spoons not only practical but also visually appealing.

The Bison Horn Spoon measures 10 inches long.  The bowl measures 4.5 inches x 3 inches.  The carved bird head measures 2.5 inches long.   This spoon came from a collection.  It is in very good condition with some slight cracking visible on the bottom of the bowl. We are selling it for decorative purposes only. You will find it in very good condition.  One of a Kind!

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