Beaded Child’s Robe Reproduction


Beaded Child’s Robe Reproduction

Exquisite! This One of a Kind Beaded Child’s Robe will become a treasured heirloom! Master Craftsman Andy Bullock created this Reproduction Child’s Robe on White Braintanned Deerskin Leather.  He used a whole Deerhide and kept its original shape.

Andy used Lazy Stitch to apply a variety of bead colors including Pony Trader Blue, Cheyenne Pink, Cobalt Blue, French Transparent Dark Pink, Greasy Yellow, Transparent Green and White Seed Beads. He added Deer Dew Claw Drops threaded with Braintanned Deerskin Leather. To these he added Blue Crow Beads and broken antique Feather Beads.

This Robe is unsmoked Braintanned Leather. You will have Rawhide if it becomes wet.  The back shows discoloration because the leather is not smoked. But you will not see threads from the beadwork because Andy does such fabulous work.

This robe measures 42″ at the widest point and 44″ at the longest point. The beaded design measures 24″ x 19″.

One of a Kind!

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