Basket Antique Pima Style 3 Inch


Antique Pima Style Willow Basket

Add this lovely Antique Pima Style Basket to your collection!  It features a variation of the stair step design.  This Basket comes from the early 20th century.

The Pima Indians live in Arizona. They create Baskets with coiled bundles of grass or fibers. They weave these closely together with willow shoots (natural “white”) and devil’s claw (black) fibers. They generally start their Baskets with a black center.

The Basket stands 3″ tall. The top opening measures 5.25″ in diameter. The bottom measures 4″ wide in diameter. It remains in very good condition with no breaks in the fibers.

One of a Kind!

Read the Denver Art Museum Leaflet Pima Indian Close Coiled Basketry.

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