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Knife Sheath – Great Lakes Style Loom Beaded

Our Great Lakes Style Loom Beaded Knife Sheath features bright colored designs and beaded fringe! Master Craftsman Andy Bullock created this Knife Sheath in a 19th century Great Lakes style. The Old color beads add fantastic, colorful detail. He added edge beading to the top and one side in Royal Blue Seed Beads. Additionally, he added Clear Yellow Seed Bead trim.

Andy lined the Knife Sheath with Strap Leather.  He created the strap from an old Wool Blanket. He trimmed the strap with Blue Ribbon and White Seed Beads.

The Knife Sheath measures 14″ long x 3″ wide. The beaded fringe with Red Wool Tassels measure 4″ long.  The Wool Strap measures 23″ long x 1″ wide.

This Loom Beaded Knife Sheath will make a  great Native American Regalia accessory. You will also find it a perfect addition to your Native American Beadwork collection!

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