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Antique Violin with Case

This Antique Violin comes in a coffin style wood case.  The Violin has been well loved and is ready for refurbishing!  You will see that one of the strings has come off and someone replaced it with another type of wire.  It does not come with a bow or a chin rest and shows obvious wear to the finish. It does not have any obvious breaks to the wood.

The case features a peaked lid.  It comes with a floral paper lining and blue felt where the Violin rests.  A piece of the bottom has broken off  (it is inside the case).  It also shows wear to the paint and breaks in the wood.  It has one remaining hook latch and a metal handle with a lock (no key).  The lid does not close completely.

The Violin measures about 24″ long and about 8.5″ wide at the widest point.

The case measures about 31″ long and 9.5″ at the widest point.  It stands about  5″ tall to the peak of the lid.

This Violin came from a collection, so we do not have any information about it.  It does not have any labels.  It was likely manufactured in the 20th century.

One of a Kind!

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