Wood Spoon Antique


Antique Hand Carved Wooden Spoon

You will find this hand carved Wood Spoon Antique an ideal addition to your collection.  The crafter carved it from a single piece of wood.   He or she created a large flat bowl for it.  The handle gradually narrows.  At the end, the crafter carved the handle into a curve.  You can use this curve to hang the spoon for display.

Many cultures create carved wooden spoons, including Native American tribes. Skilled artisans usually make wooden spoons.  The type of wood they use will vary depending on local availability and traditions.  They are often not only functional but also serve as works of art. The design, style, and intricacy of the carvings can vary significantly depending on the tribe and the individual artisan’s traditions and preferences.  Native Americans also made spoons from horn and bone.

This Wood Spoon Antique has a nice patina and wood grain.  You will see cracks and chips in the bowl due to its age and use by previous owners.  The bowl measures about 4 inches across.  The handle portion is about 6 inches long.  The spoon measures about 10 inches long overall.  We recommend using this spoon for display only.  One of a Kind!

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