The Woodland Indians


The  Woodland Indians

An Illustrated Account of the Lifestyles of Americas First Inhabitants. By C. Keith Wilbur. 102 pgs. Softcover.

This classic book by C. Keith Wilbur reviews the history, lifeways and tools of the Native Americans who have lived in the eastern part of the United States.

From the Back Cover:¬† “The Woodland Indians and their ancestors are North America’s ‘missing link.’ An understanding of who these prehistoric inhabitants were and how they lived would unlock the secret of our continent’s past. Because there are no written records of their activities, which date back perhaps 30,000 years, historians must piece together these ancient lives by careful examination of all available evidence, more of which is continually being unearthed. Through such meticulous research and his skillful and articulate pen, C. Keith Wilbur brings to life the vanished cultures of the Woodland Indians. Focusing mainly on the period from 1000 B.C. to 1500 A.D., his text and illustrations combine to tell of these Indians’ leadership, religious beliefs, seasonal celebrations, agriculture and warfare.”

Black and white illustrations.

Read the Denver Art Museum leaflet on New England Indian Tribes HERE!

ISBN 1564406253

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