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Horn Spoon Beaded Handle with Drops

This large Horn Spoon comes with a beaded handle and two beaded drops.  The crafter used White, Blue, White Center Red, Arapaho Green and Mustard colored Seed Beads to wrap the handle.  He covered two pieces of Deerskin Leather with more Seed Beads and attached antiqued Tin Cones and Red Wool to the ends for drops.

Several Native American tribes created horn spoons from Sheep or Elk horn. They removed the outer part of the horn and carved it. Then they softened it in hot water to further modify the shape. Sometimes they decorated them with carvings.

This spoon is for decorative purposes. It remains in very good condition, missing only a couple of Beads.

It measures about 12″ long. The bowl measures approximately 5.5″ long x 2.5″ wide. The beadwork on the handle measures just about 2.5″ long and the drops are 7″ long.  One of a Kind!

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