Dance Stick with Otter Fur


Large Curved Dance Stick with Otter Fur

Use this large Dance Stick with Otter Fur at your next event, or display it in your home!  The crafter decorated this large curved accessory with a variety of embellishments.  He wrapped the bottom third with red wool.  He covered the remainder of the stick with real Otter fur.  The crafter then added long strands of multi colored ribbons, a strip of red wool, a piece of horse tail, and a star spangled handkerchief.   He also added beads and a line of antiqued Hawk Bells.  One of a Kind!

This Dance Stick with Otter Fur measures 49 inches long overall.  It stands 35 inches tall from the bottom to the top of the curve.  A previous owner used this stick so you will see some signs of wear.

Native American dancers use individually crafted and decorated sticks to enhance the energy of their dance. They design their Dance Sticks according to the type and purpose of their dance. Collectors often display Dance Sticks in their homes. This Dance Stick came from a collection. It is ready to use or display!  One of a Kind!

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