Roach – Round Eastern Style


Porcupine Hair Roach Round

Round Eastern Style Roaches are one type of traditional headwear for Native American Dance Regalia and Historical Re-enactments.

These classic Roaches are constructed on a hand braided round yarn base measuring about 2.5″ . Our craftsmen make the inner row of the roach with long natural colored porcupine hair averages 6″ . They use Deer Hair for the outer row.  Deer hair averages 2.5″ long.

Round Eastern Style Roaches are available in 4 colors:

  • Red
  • White
  • Purple and White combined
  • Dark Red

These Roaches attach to your head with a small hair braid (or scalplock) pulled though the center hole and  fastened with a roach pin.

We also offer 16″ & 18″ Long Porcupine Roaches!

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