Gustoweh Headdress Kit


Kit to Make an Iroquois Style Headdress

Our updated Gustoweh Headdress Kit has everything you need to make an Iroquois Gustoweh (Real Hat). This is one of the most appropriate headdresses for Eastern Woodlands Indian Regalia.

Our Gustoweh Headdress Kit includes:

  • Natural Turkey Feathers
  • Wood splints for the frame
  • Fabric
  • Glover’s Needle
  • Black Warp Thread
  • 3 Wood Feather Sockets & Pin sets
  • Tape
  • Illustrated Directions.

You will also need Pliers, Scissors and Glue or a Hot Glue Gun.

Full color illustrations walk you through the construction of a basic Gustoweh Headdress. You choose which Feather placement from each of the five Iroquois Nations you prefer. Decorate your completed Gustoweh with a Gustoweh Band or Trade Brooches. You may also add Beadwork or a Wampum Bead Strip.

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Watch our 3 part Video on How to Make a Gustoweh!

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