Roach – 16 and 18 inch Porcupine


Roach – 16 and 18 inch Porcupine

Most sizes in stock & ready to ship!  

We offer Porcupine Roaches with one and a half rows of porcupine hair and colored Deer Hair.  18″ In and Out Roaches have 1 row and 2 half rows of Porcupine Hair.

Choose from 2 lengths – 16″ long or 18″ long – and 2 colors: Red or White.  The front hair measures 6 inches – 7 inches long.

We also offer Roaches with the Deer Hair on the outside or  Deer Hair on the inside and outside.  Make your selections with the drop down boxes below.

Please allow 4 weeks for delivery for Roaches that are not in stock.

You can call 1-800-430-2855 or email  to see what is in stock and ready to ship.

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Don’t miss our You Tube Tutorial on How to Make a Porcupine Roach

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