Roach Spreaders


Roach Spreaders

Roach Spreaders are required to spread the front hair of your roach. We offer first quality metal Spreaders in a variety of styles.  These spreaders will vary in style as we have a few different makers.

  • Plain Single Socket
  • Stamped Single Socket
  • Plain Double Socket
  • Stamped Double Socket
  • Plain Rocker
  • Stamped Rocker
  • Plain Grass Dancer
  • Stamped Grass Dancer
  • Stamped Chicken Dancer

Fancy Dancers and Grass Dancers use Rocker Roach Spreaders. The Grass Dancers can use the Grass Dancer Roach Spreader style. The Chicken Dancer Roach Spreader style is for Chicken Dancers.

Straight Dancers use a Single Socket Roach Spreader. Both Traditional and Modern Dancers wear the Double Socket Roach Spreader.

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