Dance Stick Beaded with Bull Tail


Dance Stick Beaded with Bull Tail

Use this 15.5″ Beaded Dance Stick at your next Powwow or display it in your home! The crafter wrapped Cobalt Blue, Red and Turquoise Seed Beads around the handle.  At one end, the crafter attached part of a white Bull’s tail.  He or she added a row of Cobalt Blue Seed Beads to the attached end.   The other end has 3″ long  Deerskin Leather Fringe. This Dance Stick measures 32″  long overall.

Native American dancers use individually crafted and decorated sticks to enhance the energy of their dance. They design their Dance Sticks according to the type and purpose of their dance. Collectors often display Dance Sticks in their homes. This Dance Stick came from a collection. It is ready to use or display!  One of a Kind!

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