Steer Horn Unpolished


Our unpolished Steer Horns (Cow Horns) could  make great Powder Horns. You can also use them to make  Horn Rattles and more.

The colors range from off-white to black or brown. We sell our Steer Horns individually. If you order two, we will do our best to match them as a pair. Each horn is slightly different in shape, color and marbling. These are a natural product, so allow for variations.

These Steer horns vary in length starting at about 14″ to 18″  the opening of the horns are about 2.5 to 3″.

Un-worked cattle horn have  a dull surface, however after sanding and polishing the horn takes on a smooth glossy appearance, it is only at this stage that it’s true coloration will appear.

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