Pottery Pitcher Set


Set of Two Hopi Style Pottery Pitchers

Add this Hopi style Pottery Pitcher Set to your collection or use them to hold small items.  These small pitchers feature unique geometric designs. The potter covered each one with a light colored slip. He or she painted the designs with Black Paint and gave the outsides a light polish. You will see reddish coloration in places on each of the pieces. This may have happened when the bowl was fired.  We are selling the two as a set.  One of a Kind!

 Native American Pottery

Native American potters in the Southwestern United States make traditional style pottery. Their pottery usually features very thin walls, which is a desirable characteristic. Many of these artists create their pottery using hand coiled techniques. They often use clay slip colors in Black, White and dark Red.

The pieces in this Pottery Pitcher Set are short.  One stands approximately 3 inches tall.  The top opening measures 2 inches in diameter.  It has P60 written on the bottom.  The other stands 2.5 inches tall with a 1.5 inch diameter to opening.   We got these pieces from a collection.  You will notice slight scratches and small places where the paint has chipped off.  There are signs of wear.  Structurally you will find them in very good condition. One of a Kind!

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Read the Denver Art Museum Leaflet Pottery of the Southwestern Tribes

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