Root Club


Carved Root Club

This Root Club will make a unique addition to your collection.  The crafter made it from a natural tree with a small burl at the root. The crafter used red and black to paint the root ends to look like the beaks of birds. Then he squared off the middle of the branch and painted an arrow design on one side.  He added a little red paint to the end near the root.  You will see some original bark on the handle end.  This club is relatively short and lightweight.  One of a Kind!

Native Americans sought out young trees to use their root ends to make spiky clubs.  You will find this Root Club a welcome addition to your collection or accessory for your next event.
This Club measures approximately 17 inches long and about 7 inches wide at the widest point across the top.  This item came from a collection.  You will see some scratches and small chips on it. One of a Kind!

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