Turban Woven Yarn


Multi color Woven Yarn Turban

This Turban Woven Yarn will be a unique accessory for you to wear at your next event.  The crafter wove this yarn headwear from bright Blue, Gold and Berry Red yarn.  It has a wide center section which divides into four narrower tabs.  The crafter created braided fringe at the bottom of each tab.  To wear this type of turban, you wrap it around your head and tie it.  One of a Kind!

Some Native American men wear wrapped fabric pieces around their heads.  Seminole men traditionally wear turbans made of fabric.  This turban measures approximately 74 inches long and 5 inches wide in the center.  We got this Turban Woven Yarn from a collection.  You will see signs of wear.  It is in good, usable condition.  One of a Kind!

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