Leggins Wool with Bead Strips


Navy Wool Leggins with Imported Beadwork Strips

These Leggins Wool with Bead Strips come completely lined.  The crafter made them with a very dark blue Wool Fabric.  He lined them with a brown cotton fabric.  Deerskin Leather ties measuring 0.5 inches wide hold the sides together.   The crafter covered the edges and cuffs with brown bias tape.  On top of this he added edge beading with White Pony Beads.  On each leg, the crafter attached an imported beadwork strip measuring 25 inches long by 2.5 inches wide.   At the top of each of them, he added a 2 inch beaded rosette with a transparent red Crow Bead in the center.  Deerskin Leather Lacing hangs from the bottom of each Rosette.  The crafter applied more Pony Bead edge beading around each beaded strip.  Half inch wide Deerskin Leather Lacing strips serve as ties at the top.

The leggins measure 33 inches long overall.  The width varies from 13 inches at the top to 12 inches wide at the bottom.  A previous owner wore these leggins.  They do not come with the apron shown in the photo.  You will see signs of wear, small tears and small holes in the wool.  They are in good, wearable condition.    One of a Kind!

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