Drum Frames


Wood Frames for Hand Drums

You can make your own hand drum with our natural Maple Wood Drum Frames. Each one is constructed by steam-bending the maple wood into a perfect circle.  Ours come pre-sanded and ready to use.

When you make your own drum, remember to order Rawhide sized at least 4″ larger than the diameter of the Drum Frame.  This will ensure that you have enough to overlap the edges of the Drum Frame.  Personalize your Hand Drum with Powdered Pigment Paint!

Choose from 5 diameters:

  •  9″  (1-3/4″ deep)
  • 10″ (1-7/8″ deep)
  • 12″  (2-7/8″ deep)
  • 15″  (2-7/8″ deep)
  • 18″  (2-7/8″ deep)

Read our instructions to Make Your Own Hand Drum

Not ready to buy individual components?  Try our Rawhide Hand Drum Kit which comes with everything you need to make a 9″ Hand Drum.

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