Pine Flutes


Effigy Pine Wood Flutes

Navajo Flute Maker Jonah Thompson makes our Pine Effigy Flutes. Each handmade Pine Flute comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.  It has a short description of Native American flutes brief instructions for how to play the Flute.

Someone who is just starting out will find these Flutes are perfect instruments to try.  These Pine Flutes make a lovely sound. You will find them very enjoyable to play.  Each Flute measures 17.5″ long.

Native American Flutes feature a pentatonic scale (5 note scale). Our Flutes are pitched to C major (or A minor).

Choose from four animal effigy tuning blocks:

  • Turtle
  • Buffalo

Flutes will come in different wood finishes. Please let us choose for you!

Need a Flute Bag? Try our soft 24 inch long Deerskin Leather Flute Bag!

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