Rawhide Lacing


Rawhide Lacing

Use 1/4″  pre-cut Rawhide Lacing to make your own drums! Rawhide is untanned Leather, so it is very hard.

To use this lacing, soak it in warm water for a couple of days to soften it.  You will find it has the consistency of wet noodles when it is ready to use. It will shrink when it dries.

Crafters can use Rawhide to make quilled drops for jewelry, moccasin soles or accessories.

We sell our 1/4″ wide Rawhide Lace in increments of 10 feet or 60 feet.

Check out our drum kits available in several sizes.  Read our instructions to Make Your Own Hand Drum

Please note you would not use Rawhide  to make clothing or most jewelry. Try our Hand Cut Deerskin Lace or Deerskin Lace Spools instead.  Use Imitation Sinew for sewing.

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