Rawhide Whole Side


Rawhide Whole Side

Whole uncut Rawhide provides lots of material to work with. Use it to make Drums, Parfleches and Rattles! We also offer pre-cut Rawhide Lacing you can use for lacing drum heads.  You can also buy Rawhide by the Square Foot.

We currently offer Whole Side Deer rawhide (approx. 8 sq feet).  Deer is thinner and more supple so you will find it easier to work with when you are making drum heads.

When you order Rawhide for Drums, order it at least 4″ larger so you will have an overlap to accommodate the diameter of your drum frame.

An additional shipping charge will apply to whole hides. This charge will not appear in the shopping cart. We will contact you with the charges or call us for details.

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